Solar collectors


It is an innovative system which captures solar light through collectors, situated on buildings’ rooftops, transporting it for some meters to internal spaces, thanks to highly reflective ducts. It brings solar light in dark spaces or in spaces without windows, such as: bathrooms, cellars, offices, commercial spaces, industrial spaces, etc., using the advantages of natural light where it was thought it could not be possible.

The results

These are bright spaces thanks to natural light. Dark spaces or spaces without windows seem completely transformed, saving 45% of electricity because of a free and eco-friendly energy source as solar light.

A modular system

Deplosun systems are modular and allow every costumer to buy a complete kit or single moduls to insert in existent systems. In this way it is possible, for example, to buy our GLASS-TOP or FLAT-TOP domes to exploit their unique advantages. Even our range of diffusors DEPLO-DIF (standard, sunken or leaning) can adapt to other systems.


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