Facade coverings

The product types and the newer materials offered by the market are the best solution to cover, protect and make your house or your facility even more elegant.

caos insulated panels for interiors and exteriors

ioroi prepainted alluminium, 40 years guaranteed

figo prepainted steel, 40 years guaranteed

suggested product

years guaranteed

This is a high quality metallic solution for roof and facade coverings, which can both belong to industrial or civil buildings.

This product is strongly recommended for modern architecture, since it matches perfectly with the now commonly used glass and iron, as well as for makeovers and reconstructions, with the mission of giving a newer and more intriguing aesthetic to the property.

All of this is enriched by the possibility of having the new “STRUKTURA” surface, known for its quality and astonishing aspect, which guarantees paint warranty for 40 years, accompanied by certificates of watertightness, even in low gradient, and mechanical resistance, particularly against hail.

FIGO roof tiles are fabricated with high quality steel and, also in this case, we offer our technical consultation and free assistance by specialised installators during the first roof or facade installation.


HAUSHAUT alluminium

panespol insulated coverings in reconstructed stone

covering panels windwall

wooden coverings gardeck

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